Oppo Qeeboo
Qeeboo is proud to announce a collaboration with OPPO, one ofthe world’s leading companies in the smart device industry. Together, Qeeboo and OPPO have broken the boundaries of creation by introducing the first capsule collaboration for the OPPO Find N2 Flip, which features a series of limited edition design cases and cover screen wallpapers inspired by Qeeboo’s iconic designs for those seeking to express themselves in their own unique ways.
Rabbit Oppo Cover


Rabbit symbolizes love and brings good luck and good wishes. A gentle, lovable and shy animal that will give a touch of sweetness to your daily routine.
Kong Oppo Cover


Kong is a sensitive and friendly soul who wants to protect himself as well as the ones around him. A symbol of family and protection, he will make sure you take care of yourself wherever you are.
Scottie Oppo Cover


Scottie, your four-legged friend, is ready to make you smile! Reassuring and loyal, it will be the perfect companion to accompany you in your everyday life.
Cactus Oppo Cover


A resilient plant living in the harshest environments, the cactus represents perseverance and strength. Take it with you to face any challenges you might encounter.
Kong Qeeboo Cover
Rabbit Qeeboo Cover
Scottie Qeeboo Cover
Cactus Qeeboo Cover